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trade organizations

Marine Recreation Association
The Marine Recreation Association is a non-profit association that represents marina owners, operators and industry professionals throughout the Western U.S., Mexico, Hawaii and Australia. The Association’s mission is to provide a united voice in representing the interests of the boating and marina industries and to help educate and inform in all areas of recreational boating.

Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF)
The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase participation in recreational angling and boating and thereby increase public awareness and appreciation of the need for protecting, conserving and restoring this nation’s aquatic natural resources.

Association of Marina Industry (AMI)
AMI is a non-profit membership organization which offers management training, marina information about research and education, as well as legislation and environmental issues affecting the marina industry. AMI is a marina trade organization which encompasses all segments of the marina industry, both within the US and around the world.

National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)
NMMA members, more than 1,400 companies, produce every conceivable product used by recreational boaters. An estimated 80 percent of marine products used in North America are produced by NMMA members. Formed in 1979 in a merger between the Boating Industry Association of Chicago (BIA) and the National Association of Engine & Boat Manufacturers of New York (NAEBM), roots of the non-profit Association can be traced to 1904 when NAEBM was founded.

NMMA is dedicated to creating, promoting and protecting an environment where members can achieve financial success through excellence in manufacturing, in selling, and in servicing their customers.

International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA)
ICOMIA was formed in 1967 to bring together in one global organization, all the national boating federations and other bodies involved in the recreational marine industry, and to represent them at international level.

  • Provides for its members a forum in which to consider issues of common concern, and to collect relevant data and to formulate agreed policy.
  • Seeks to break down all barriers to trade, including the removal of unnecessary or unviable legislation.
  • Promotes awareness of the recreational marine industry’s requirements and objectives, including the improvement of boating safety.
  • Maintains close dialogue with international bodies, national governments and other regulatory authorities on behalf of its members.
  • Supports its members in every way possible and gives recommendations and guidance on compliance with new international standards and regulations.
  • Publishes its opinions and recommendations, and formulates draft international standards and codes of practice.
  • Promotes the concept of recreational boating as being in harmony with a clean and attractive marine environment.
  • Assists in the promotion of recreational boating as being fun and available for all.
  • Care of the environment is a core value.
Permanent International Commission for Navigation Congresses (PIANC)
PIANC is a worldwide non-political and non-profit technical and scientific organization of national governments, corporations and private individuals. PIANC’s objective is to promote both inland and maritime navigation by fostering progress in the planning, design, construction, improvement, maintenance and operation of inland and maritime waterways and ports and of coastal areas for general use in industrialized and industrializing countries. Facilities for fisheries, sport and recreational navigation are included in PIANC’s activities. PIANC was founded in 1885 and is the oldest international association concerned with these technical aspects of navigation. It has made—and continues to make — a vital contribution to technical development in this field.

American Boat Builders and Retailers (ABBRA)
We train and educate your management and employee craftsman, promoting business professionalism in the marine service industry. We share valuable information among our members and provide many networking opportunities. We promote the best interests of the boatyard industry, and cooperate widely with other groups on a strategic basis. We solve common business problems, frequently using the group’s buying power as a lever.
ABBRA is a member organization that represents over 250 boatyards, repairers and associated industries in the United States and abroad. The 22 member board represents many of the industry’s leaders.

Marina Industry Association of South Florida (MIASF)
The MIASF is a not-for-profit leadership organization created to promote and protect the sound growth of the marine industry in South Florida for the benefit and education of its members, the community and the environment.

Marina Industry Association of Florida (MIAF)
The MIAF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is: to promote and protect recreational boating as a traditional family pastime enhance the environment and Florida’s waterways, promote boating safety for all of Florida’s recreational boaters, preserve every citizen's right to access Florida’s waterways, promote Florida boating and fishing as a tourism attraction and represent, educate and advance Florida’s marine industry businesses and workforce.